Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hi everyone. In march of 2016 some of my cousins on Facebook talked me into having my DNA tested at Ancestry. I ordered 3 kits just before St Patrick's day and they finished Lab Processing on May 3, 2016. I have since had more tests done for various family members and have uploaded my DNA for several kits to GEDmatch.

Since having my DNA tested I have found several matches with cousins both close and distant, and have DNA evidence that I and my cousins, who are descended from Henry Asa Herring and Amanda E. Graves are also related to descendants of Henry Sharp, Stephen Graves, Joseph Ballinger, Nicholas Gibbs, and each of their wives.  I have found a few matches with my Reed cousins and whole bunch of cousins descended from William Henry Price Bristow and his parents and paternal grandparents. I have found a few DNA matches who link back to every one of the other ancestors that I have listed in my Henry Asa Herring and Amanda E Graves Extended Family tree.

DNA testing is a great tool to use in building and extending your Family Tree. It must be used along with other genealogy evidence to build your tree, but it can supplement the paper trail and prove that you and another person are related and share DNA from a common Ancestor.

Dennis Reed GEDmatch # A569226

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Herring Family Group on Facebook

I have started a "Henry Asa Herring Family Reunion and Extended Family" group on facebook, for all of the descendants of Henry Asa Herring and their family who want to communicate with one another. If you are on Facebook and are related, send me a request to become your friend and as soon as I accept you as a friend I will send you a request to join our group.

If you are already in the Facebook group and are looking at this Website for the first time, read the comments that have been entered on the Posts below.

You may also want to add it to your favorites list, so you can come back to it anytime.

If you are a descendant of Henry Asa Herring and have never contacted other members of the family except the ones you already knew of, send me an email or leave me a message here. I would love to hear from anyone in the family. we have several people who love to hear from other branches of the family.

What started out as one small family group that are listed below has grown into a very large number of cousins that now live all over the country. We have family members living in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, California, Arizona, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and I am sure there are several others in a lot of other states that I can't think of right now. We have spread out all over the country. Check the families listed below.

I started the Facebook Group about September 8, 2010 just after our annual Family Reunion on Sep 5, and we now have 19 members and several invites to join are still pending.

Join the group on Facebook or simply enter comments on this Blog to communicate with the family. I am sure you will find us a friendly bunch, and we love to share what we know about our family history.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

2007 family Reunion will be on Sept. 2, 2007

This years Henry Asa Herring Annual Family Reunion will be held as usual on the Sunday before Labor Day. This year it will be on Sunday September 2, 2007. All family members are invited. It is potluck, so bring food and your own paper plates, cutlery, and soft drinks. It will be held as usual at Sondra and Bruce Bigley's house. For more information contact me or any family member who has been coming to the reunions for the last 12 years.

We had 37 people sign the guest list last year. If you can't come to the reunion, you now have the option of leaving a comment attached to this posting telling everyone who you are, and how much you appreciate the family members who have kept this annual family reunion going for the last 60+ years. We would like to hear from you even if you can't come in person.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome to our Family Online Reunion

I have created this weblog to provide a place online for any family members who want to use it, where they can provide comments and view postings about the family, even if they cannot come to our Annual Family Reunions. I hope that it will be used by all of the descendants of the Henry Asa Herring Extended Family which also includes the descendants of the parents and siblings of Henry Asa Herring; his first wife, Amanda E. Graves; and his second wife, Ida Alice Whitcomb.

Use this weblog as a place to quickly and publicly share information about the family with all of the other family members. It should also be a place for those family members who do come to the family reunions to get aquainted with other family members who can't always come to the family reunions. and to make contact with other family members who live at a distance from each other, but also make contact with family members who they may never meet, and whose only reason for being in contact or being interested in each other is that we are all related to one another by birth or marriage.